Sun kissed.

We had such a long winter that I think my face forgot how to tolerate being in the sun. This last week the weather has been so kind to us. The kids and I have spent a lot of time going out to the park. Today I took Gabriel for a play date at the park while Grandma and grandpa got some time with Rafael.

Sunkissed: Park day, spring, fun

Sunkissed: Park day, spring, funWe met with a couple of members from the mom’s group we’re in. I’m super excited that Krystal from That Red Headed Life will hopefully be joining soon.

Anytime we give Gabriel a hat he will wear it with the bill backwards. He makes me laugh. I’m so grateful that we got in as much time in the sun that we got this week. Next week it looks like we won’t have that much luck.

Sunkissed: Park day, spring, fun

What’s your favorite thing to do outside when the weather is nice?

Sick. A Continuing Saga.

Like I complained on my Facebook page, if it isn’t David’s crazy work schedule then someone is sick.

I love my children, I love being a stay at home mom, I love that my husband loves his job but I can only handle so much on my own.

I like to get the kids out of the house so they can get rid of all their pent up energy but it’s been sooo damn cold outside. Yesterday the downstair neighbor got so pissed off at the the kids running back and forth that he started blasting his music. Really mature. I went down there to ask him what the matter was. He didn’t open the door, but he did yell through the door “Your fucking kid is running back and forth all damn day long.”

So I told him, “he’s three. You remember how that is for a three year old to be stuck inside all day long? (he has two older boys of his own)”.

Being the mature man that he is he tells me to “buy a fucking house”.

Oh man, if it were that damn easy we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I hate that my neighbor is such an asshole. But “love thy neighbor” right?


Rafael started our lovely round of stomach flu Thursday morning. He had a long bout of vomiting in the morning. I thought we were in the home stretch until Gabriel woke up this morning screaming because he threw up in his bed. David was up anyway because he was getting ready to go to the city for another work function. Then David started to throw up. Then I wanted to sit in the corner and cry because I’m scared Rafael is going to get sick again and I ran out of Lysol.

Dealing with the Flu- toddler and preschoolerIt’s amazing how little kids bounce back after being sick cause he burst out of his room screaming “GOOD MORNING”. I checked on David and it looked like he was on death’s doorstep. I hoped that Gabriel would have pulled a three hour flu like his brother but he threw up a little before bed.

Dealing with the Flu- toddler and preschooler

Glad I gave you the run down on their vomiting schedule? Seeing the kids sick really sucks. I hate seeing them so helpless and in pain. So much worse than myself being sick. The only thing I could do was offer as much water and pedialyte, maybe the occasional cracker, clean up their messes and make sure they are comfortable.



Happy New Year and other things

Chalkboard Happy New Year Design

Happy New Year everyone! ( Well, belated New Year…)

While others are posting their New Year resolutions I’m going to be focusing on a theme this year. My theme will be Trust.

You see I have a horribly tough time trusting others and in myself. There are has been too many times in the past where i’ve been wronged by friends, coworkers, bosses, family, etc that I have a tough time believing others if they are sincere to me or just plain trying to blow air up my ass.

Trusting in myself has been… well hard. Growing up I was told I could be anything I wanted to be. When it came down to the people that mattered the most, well, they had doubts I would do anything with my life other than have babies and work part time the rest of my life.

This year I’m trusting in myself to do what I want, when I want it.

Before Christmas I decided to do something crazy and put up an offer on Facebook to take Christmas Card pictures for some friends for free. Why? Because photography has been a passion of mine that was put on the wayside when my husband lost his job and we focused all of our time and effort into trying to stay afloat.

Every once in a while a family member would ask if I could take pictures of their baptism, birthday parties, baby shower, etc. At first I thought it might be because we had a “fancy camera” (a Canon Rebel xt is fancier than a point and shoot but it gets the job done), then I realized that they liked the way I took the pictures.

I had an Ah Ha moment one day while I was talking to David about trying to find a part time job to help out with our finances. I brought up the idea of starting a photography business this year not only to help out but to help fuel my passion of photography.

This is where trust in myself and others come in.

I need to trust myself to not let fear stop me. Let’s face it, I haven’t written a lot on here because I fear what others might think of me. So silly Rosemary. I need to trust that I will not let others intimidate me.

I need to trust that other ARE willing to help me and not pull the rug from under me but it doesn’t mean that I’m going to let other’s walk all over me. Makes sense, right?


Now that I have all the New Year’s resolutions/ themes out of the way…

Everyone except for me is sick in this house. David has an epic cold. It’s the sleeping upright on the couch, wish we had a recliner, kind of cold. Gabriel has the same runny nose he’s had since before New Year’s Eve. Rafael couldn’t sleep through the night the last three nights because he would wake up coughing. Oddly enough he didn’t start having a runny nose until today. Hopefully it’s starting to work its way out of system and stays away from me. We have big plans next weekend that I very much don’t want ruined.

New Years Eve at Uno's

New Year’s Eve (before the sickness hit everyone) we went out to Uno’s since we had to scrap our plans with family that evening. My friend mentioned that she and her family were going to Uno’s for a kid friendly balloon drop at 5pm. Well, it started to snow at 3pm. We made reservations for 4:40pm, didn’t leave the house until 4:20pm and didn’t get there until 5pm. Did I mention Uno’s is 15 minutes away with traffic? I think that was worth mentioning. The ballon drop didn’t start until 15 minutes after we got there. It was really cute. They gave all the little kids ginger ale in plastic champagne glasses, hats for the boys/tiaras for the girls, and counted down to the ballon release.

New Years Eve at Uno's

New Years Eve at Uno's

New Years at Uno's

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS ONLY GINGER ALE!!! Gabriel was super fascinated with the “weird cup”.

My friend and her daughter paid a little visit to our table shortly after dinner. These two were so cute. I don’t think she could make up her mind which boy she wanted as her date for the night. Somehow Gabriel and his friend turned the family restaurant into a dinner dance club.

New Years Eve at Uno's

While David took Gabriel to the bathroom I started to get Rafael ready to run out into the frozen tundra. I set Rafael to stand on the booth seat so I could grab his coat really quick while he stretched his legs a little bit. Well, he had enough of stretching and turned really fast to grab onto something on the table but fell instead. Well, his face grabbed the table instead of his little hands. He had a shiny new black eye just in time for the new year. It breaks my heart every time I look at it.

Hopefully the new year will have less injuries for the boys!




I should be working… Christmas Round Up 2013

but instead I spent the last two hours jumping between rocking a fussy baby back to bed and reading up on my Feedly blog feed. Christmas was so much fun this year. The boys got a ton of toys. They truly made it out like bandits this year! David and the boys got me a couple of books that I’m excited to finish soon. The boys got some Tim Hortons coffee for their daddy, the perfect gift for the coffee junkie in your life.

Christmas 2013

Gabriel loved Santa this year. He was a little apprehensive the first we saw a Santa this year. After that he was best buds with the fat man in the red suit. He asked for a firetruck every time.

Christmas 2013

Rafael, however, was singing a different tune. I’m hopeful he will like Santa better next year.

Christmas 2013

My dear husband. I’m a lucky girl.

Christmas 2013

We rotate Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve between my family and David’s family. Well, it should work that way, but with pregnancies and having babies around the holidays we missed Christmas Eve with my family for the last 3 years. It was really great catching up with family now that we are all scattered around the country (when I talk about my family I mean my mothers mom, dad, sisters, brother, nieces, nephews, etc).

Christmas 2013

This dog is so awesome. He’s so friendly and cuddly. Only downside to this breed (French Bulldog) is that most of these dogs can not clean their own butts.

Christmas 2013

First time having a Christmas cake. Happy birthday Jesus.

Christmas 2013

I’m really digging having Christmas day all to ourselves. We spent 80 percent of the day in our PJ’s, watched a Christmas Story, and ate Chinese food as planned.

Christmas 2013

The little ones sure are loved. This isn’t even 1/2 of what they both received. Rafael loved all of Gabriel’s gifts. Big brother’s stuff is already appealing to him.

Christmas 2013

Gabriel loooves himself some Toy Story. We gave him a Woody doll and my grandmother bought him a Buzz Lightyear. He’s in heaven.

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

This weekend we got together with David’s family to exchange gifts. The boys love their Papa (grandpa) so much!

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

Uncle Jo jo and Uncle Stevie did a great job modeling their gifts. David snags the coolest swag from work.

Christmas 2013

My favorite picture of my niece. Can you tell David’s family are Bears and Cubs fans? That’s the way to do it. :)

Christmas 2013

There is no mistaking these 4 are related.

I’m so grateful that we have such wonderful family and friends that have blessed us with their generosity.