Valentine’s Day Last Minute Valentines

Making last minute picture Valentines.

Wednesday I realized that I forgot to make Valentine’s for Gabriel’s Preschool. Early in the morning I saw that Kelly Stamps from Kelly’s Corner posted her girl’s valentines on Instagram. (She even blogged about it here.)

How cute are these girls?

I couldn’t believe how easy and fast these Valentines were! If it weren’t for the printer not working for 30 minutes I could have gotten this done in 10 minutes for 10 Valentines.

I started off by taking a picture of Gabriel in this adorable getup. Then I edit the lighting in Lightroom (you can use iPhoto or an image editor you have on hand), and added all the text and “stickers” on PicMonkey.

Making a last minute Valentine.

Then I printed off the pictures on HP Everyday 4X6 Photo Paper on my All-in-One printer.

Making a last minute Valentine.

I luckily had an Exacto knife laying around from my art student days that I used to cut around Gabriel’s hand. The opening was just big enough to stick the lollipop through Gabriel’s hand. The magazine was just so I didn’t carve into my desk anymore than what I have…

Making a last minute Valentine.

Also, I had to cut down the plastic around the lollipop so it didn’t overpower the picture and text.

So much fun and pretty darn cute!

Did you make something like this? I want to see! Share your link below.

Two Years Ago


Two years ago today you and I both…

…vowed to honor and love each other.

… you showed off your humor.

…we had our crazy loving family and friends fill us with their love.

…we then snuck off into the night to start forever together.

Everyday we learn something new about each other but always remember that I love you.

Photos courtesy of Brianne Bradbury

One Month…

{Oh my, time flies. Gabriel turned a month over a month ago. I never did give myself a chance to post his update. This was originally set to post February 10,2011.}

At one month baby was:

WEIGHT: 10lbs 11oz

HEIGHT: 21 & 3/4 inches

TEMPERMENT: Pretty chill baby only if changed, fed and put down for a nap within two hours. Any longer and he gets really cranky.
It was hard to get him to breastfeed the first week of life. He scared us to death the day he came home from the hospital. He decided he was going on a hunger strike for over 12 hours. Imagine coming home exhausted, physically and emotionally, in tremendous pain and not being able to feed your child the way you wanted to.
I set myself for failure because I was under educated and misinformed by a slew of people at the hospital.
Anyway, Gabriel is eating like a champ from his bottle and sleeping well some nights.

Recovery from the C Section was awful. I woke every time the baby moved so I didn’t get any sleep. I’m pretty sure I suffered from postpartum for the first month.

Even though those few things didn’t work out as I planned it my baby turned out healthy and he is a dream.