Shopping for children

Shopping for children can be so dangerous for my bank account.

Yesterday we stopped by the mall to pick up some gifts for people on our list and I stopped by Gymboree to look at the boys selection. Just like with a lot of stores their little boys section is very limited to a few pieces. That’s why a lot of the little boys Gabriel and Rafael’s age have a lot of the same articles of clothing.

I’m a sucker for crazy accessories and lately Gabriel has been cooperating with me. He’s in a the fun imagination stage so he likes to pretend he’s an animal.

I saw these at Gymboree:

Buffalo Hat

I’m sure Gabriel would have so much fun with this set. Too bad they already have way too many hats and gloves, but can they really have too many?

One on the horizon

Infant one years old

Guess who turns one this week?

This year seriously went by too fast. Rafael is turning one way too fast.

This little boy rolled over sooner than I was ready for.

He crawled a lot sooner than I wanted.

He started walking at 10 months and now he won’t. stop. moving.

It doesn’t matter what I want, he’s going to grow at his own pace.

I’m just going to relish on the last of his baby-ness as long as I possibly can.

Halloween 2013 Part 1

Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year. I just love the leaves changing color, the change in temperature, the smell of apple cider and candy. It was especially exciting because Gabriel finally understood dressing up in a costume to knock on strangers doors for candy.

This post is going to be very picture heavy, more than ever before.

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Why, oh why.

We’ve been sick on and off for the last three weeks now. It all started with small cough and a little runny nose from the boys. It went away for them in a couple days, it became a full blown sinus infection for mommy.

Then there were a couple quiet days last week were there were no cough, sniffles, or snot.

The boys woke up grumpy Monday morning. They were grumpy when we left the house for a Halloween party. They were super pissed when we came back home from the party AND they were sporting niagra falls runny noses. Then my throat started to burn, not ache.

It’s day three now of sickness part deux. They don’t have any fevers, but the sneezing, coughing, runny noses are still there. It sounds like the congestion is starting to finally break up with Rafael. Colds always sounds so much worse for babies.

So, I took some medicine that the Dr gave me to help with cough and sleep before I wrote this post 10 minutes ago. I think it’s working. It still amazes me that Tylenol with Codeine is considered safe for nursing moms. Here is to hoping for good sleep tonight.

11 month old Cold

I’d love to be as comfy as these two right about now.

2 year old cold

Whole Foods, with a toddler & an infant…

Tuesday I ran errands with both boys by myself. It was the first time I took the little ones by myself to Whole Foods. The only reason this is a big deal is because the nearest Trader Joe’s or Whole foods is more than 30 minutes away. We don’t have a good place to shop for good organic meats and veggies in our area unless there is a farmer’s market going on.

I also had to return a Blender Bottle that was broken when I bought it. I only found that out when I washed it and filled it up with orange juice before my workout one night. Even after all that Whole Foods let me exchange it. I LOVE their return policy!!

Whole Foods with a toddler and infant

And Gabriel LOVES the little shopping carts! It helped curb my spending since the basket is so small.

Whole Foods with a toddler and infant

I hope Rafael would sleep through the Ergo transfer. Obviously he did not.

Whole Foods with a toddler and infant

Whole Foods with a toddler and infant

If you have never been to a Whole Foods before they have free samples all over the store. Gabriel had to stop at each one to try something new. It is mostly tortilla chips and bread that they have out but he loves trying to take them out with the tongs. This picture cracks me up since that’s the way my grandfather leans on the shopping cart.

Whole Foods with a toddler and infant

They were both great helpers.