Trains, Skies, & Automobiles


The skies are finally clear of rain and thunder (for now). The sky above kinda had a toilet bowel look to it… Gross right? That was the first thing that came into mind when I saw the picture later.

Was I the only person to own a Andriod who didn’t know the pictures upload automatically from the phone and onto Picasa? That means I don’t have to attempt to use the poorly designed WordPress App from my phone. Most of my pictures are taken on my phone mostly because I don’t download the pictures off the camera until a month or two later. That is a huge breakthrough for me.

Next week I start a new job that’s closer by to home but I can never leave where I am now. I am officially a working mother, working two jobs. When am I going to get anything done?

I heard the cicadas loud and clear yesterday. I also heard the back to school sales on the radio this morning. Summer is almost over… I’m still as pale as I was this winter. Now what’s wrong with that picture?


What are you planning to do before summer ends?


Da Bears!

Here on the border of Illinois/Wisconsin you can taste the hostility between Bears and Packer fans.

From what I’ve seen on television and blogs people are rooting for the Packers. Here in these parts of town we root for Da Bears!


P.S. Last week we were so proud when our little one got to witness his first Bears game at almost a week old.