Letter to my hubby

Dear husband / best friend /fixer-of-the-electronic stuff I can’t fix,

I’d like to take sometime to thank you for putting up with me the last ten months. You have been nothing but patient, kind and understanding. Thank you for being my personal waterboy, my foot massager, and house cleaner (on the occasions you do…)
I have confidence that you will be a wonderful father. You sacrifice a lot of time to be the best provider for your family. You work well after hours at work only to come home to work on your freelance work well into the night. I hope our children learn to be a hard worker just like their daddy.
Hubs, I love you so much. To the moon and back. Thank you for all you do for me.

Your extremely pregnant wife.

Written December 26, 2010- Never had the chance to publish.


Dearest Husband/Best Friend/ Love of my life,

I can’t believe we did it. We had our precious baby boy! It has been a fast and crazy week-and-a-half. Through it all you have been nothing but supportive and caring. You listen to my crazy concerns and fears.

Seeing you with our son melts my heart every time. The way you took care of him in the hospital when I couldn’t makes me love you in ways I cannot explain. The sheer joy in your voice the first time you saw him will forever stay with me. I didn’t realize how much you really cared for me until you almost cursed out all the nurses for not keeping you updated when I was in recovery for over 2 hours.

Thank you so much for being the most wonderful person I know. Thank you for helping me give life to our precious baby boy.

I love you so much it almost hurts.

Te amo con todo mi corazón,

Your slowly recovering wife