Everyone has goals. Whether big or small I have to set some goals for myself this week. I like the challenge since it really motivates me to do it.

This week I will:

Personal Goals

  • Work out 4x’s this week (zumba, dancing, but not including situps or pushups)
  • Log everything I eat (I’m following a new Gluten & Dairy free diet and it’s driving me bonkers)
  • Write 3 blog posts

Around the house goals

  • Clean one room a day
  • Finish a load of laundry from start to finish
  • Pre make all next weeks meals

Family goals

  • Spend one hour uninterrupted with both my boys when I’m home from work
  • Set half an hour to talk to my husband everyday (I’m amazed we don’t really do this anymore with both of our workloads)
  • Have a family dinners with both our parents

Other Goals

  • Meet set deadlines for projects!!!! (November going into December is turning out to be super busy)

Let us see how this goes.