Photo Dump {cute kid edition}

Welp, looks like we are at it again. Gabriel and I woke up with a runny nose each. My head wants to explode (not just from congestion). I praying really hard that Rafael and David don’t get sick because that would make being sick even worse. Great news is Gabriel is still a spitfire of energy. Where does it come from? I would like some.


Gabe’s new favorite thing to wear around the house on cold mornings is his green monster robe. Does it come in adult size?

Luckily, before our most recent bout of plague, I was able to get the kids out of the house to socialize with friends. It’s nice that they can get interaction with children their age and mommy can converse with big adult people also known as mommy friends. Monday we went to Stay2Play in Grayslake (which they are unfortunately closing next week). Bad thing about meeting anywhere with a one year old is they LOVE to explore. Rafael is fearless. He will climb onto anything, find a new hiding spot, and basically get into a lot of trouble when I take my eyes off of him for two seconds. At Stay2Play they have two sections, a sitting/cafe/work area for parents and a play area for the kids roped off by a dutch door. At first Rafael was more than content to follow Gabriel into the play area but then would lose sight and cry for me to save him. Then he wanted to explore every inch of the cafe area. Fun stuff.

Wednesday we met up with a couple of friends at a cafe. Lunch was a lot more expensive than I wanted it to be, plus we got scolded at because the kids started to get a little loud, which disrupted the business people from having their business lunch. I have a lot I could say about this but there are a lot of other quieter and less family friendly restaurants they could have gone to. I guess instead of advertising that they have a kid friendly space there, the cafe owners should just advertise “kid friendly corner!  Only from the hours of 9am-9:15am”.


At least the kids are cute.

PS. I really, really enjoyed not wearing a coat yesterday because it was 45 degrees outside! *cough, cough, sniffle* It was like a heatwave!

What’s happening?

There are over 20 drafts in my dashboard that haven’t been published. Every time I reread them all I can hear are complaints of everything that has happened the last 4 months. Yes, the last year has been super hard, everyone who has had a child knows it’s hard to even have just one. As I took a shower after both of the kids were finally asleep and my husband went back to work (yes, at 10pm), I had an epiphany of sorts. I need to STOP COMPLAINING and look at the bigger picture!

All I could remember from my day were all the tantrums my toddler threw because “I do it!”, instead of remembering all the kisses and hugs he gave me unprompted. Or how frustrated I was with my husband for not picking up after himself instead of focusing how hard he worked all day, yet still made time to take a family walk and give the baby a bath before bed.


I’m making the effort now to slow down. Think before I speak/yell. Most importantly, listen. If I don’t listen I might miss something sweet come out of my little guys lips.

Eight Years Plus a Brain Dump

Eight years ago on November 11 I started a blog on a site called Xanga. It was where all my teenage angst went onto. You can search for it but won’t find it anymore. It’s really embarrassing to look back and read it. Now that I’m finally getting back into the blogging game I’m afraid I’m going to make a fool out of myself. I am finding that not everyone appreciates me sharing things with the world before they know. You know what: you can only tell 20+ people that same thing over and over before it gets tiring.  Sorry if I offend you, but people have to also understand that this is my sacred place to share pieces of myself with others.


Monday was the day for yet another follow up ultrasound. I’m back up to 9.2! Still have to go in twice more this week to monitor the baby. Might even have to go three times next week as well. Did I mention my Dr is over an hour away? It stinks when the baby’s head is right there, pressing up on my hoo hoo, and I can barely walk after sitting in the car for over an hour. It’s pretty comical. It might be because the baby dropped. Hurray!


I’m pretty sure that Gabriel has hit the terrible two’s two months early. He’s throwing a lot more tantrums when he never did before. It could also be that he’s more verbal about things that he wants and becomes impatient if his needs are not fulfilled at that moments notice. It has been a huge test of our patience. There is a lot of mommy time outs going on. You know, the time you have to walk out the room before your head explodes. Definitely a learning experience for all of us.


Gabriel learned how to say I love you. Sounds more like “eye ove u”. Makes my heart melt every time he says it. He said it to me out of the blue today. We played with his cars, he looked at me and said “eye ove u”. Almost had to peel me off the carpet.

Health and Stuff

It’s been pretty quite here on, but Casa de Bridges has been a big hustle and bustle.

So far this year,
•I had Mr. G
•Mr G is growing so fast (he’s almost a year)!
• I went through a really rough couple of months healthwise.
•We had a very scary ambulance ride to the ER for Mr G.
•We’ve been laying low and taking as many breaks as to not burn out (ie, changing jobs, not worrying if something isn’t clean, enjoying our little one).
•We’ve been battling what seems like the plague over here.

I will get it in me to type it all out. I’m just trying to enjoy life before I share my life.