I should be working… Christmas Round Up 2013

but instead I spent the last two hours jumping between rocking a fussy baby back to bed and reading up on my Feedly blog feed. Christmas was so much fun this year. The boys got a ton of toys. They truly made it out like bandits this year! David and the boys got me a couple of books that I’m excited to finish soon. The boys got some Tim Hortons coffee for their daddy, the perfect gift for the coffee junkie in your life.

Christmas 2013

Gabriel loved Santa this year. He was a little apprehensive the first we saw a Santa this year. After that he was best buds with the fat man in the red suit. He asked for a firetruck every time.

Christmas 2013

Rafael, however, was singing a different tune. I’m hopeful he will like Santa better next year.

Christmas 2013

My dear husband. I’m a lucky girl.

Christmas 2013

We rotate Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve between my family and David’s family. Well, it should work that way, but with pregnancies and having babies around the holidays we missed Christmas Eve with my family for the last 3 years. It was really great catching up with family now that we are all scattered around the country (when I talk about my family I mean my mothers mom, dad, sisters, brother, nieces, nephews, etc).

Christmas 2013

This dog is so awesome. He’s so friendly and cuddly. Only downside to this breed (French Bulldog) is that most of these dogs can not clean their own butts.

Christmas 2013

First time having a Christmas cake. Happy birthday Jesus.

Christmas 2013

I’m really digging having Christmas day all to ourselves. We spent 80 percent of the day in our PJ’s, watched a Christmas Story, and ate Chinese food as planned.

Christmas 2013

The little ones sure are loved. This isn’t even 1/2 of what they both received. Rafael loved all of Gabriel’s gifts. Big brother’s stuff is already appealing to him.

Christmas 2013

Gabriel loooves himself some Toy Story. We gave him a Woody doll and my grandmother bought him a Buzz Lightyear. He’s in heaven.

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

This weekend we got together with David’s family to exchange gifts. The boys love their Papa (grandpa) so much!

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

Uncle Jo jo and Uncle Stevie did a great job modeling their gifts. David snags the coolest swag from work.

Christmas 2013

My favorite picture of my niece. Can you tell David’s family are Bears and Cubs fans? That’s the way to do it. :)

Christmas 2013

There is no mistaking these 4 are related.

I’m so grateful that we have such wonderful family and friends that have blessed us with their generosity.


Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

Hope everyone is enjoying time with their loved ones today. We’re looking forward for the kids to find that Santa ate the almond milk  and cookies they left out. Hopefully they like what Santa got them this year. I’m also looking forward to spending all day in my pajamas, watching A Christmas Story on TBS and ordering Chinese food for dinner.

Josh Groban in the Round {Autographed CD Giveaway}-Closed

I love music. I don’t have a particular favorite genre of music. If it has a good beat, melody or lyrics I’m sold.

I do, however, have favorite bands and singers. David has been very good to me this year. He surprised me on mothers day with a trip to Nashville TN to see Muse, I took advantage of a groupon to see the Backstreet Boys (so much fun because of my girlfriends, not so fun because of the actual concert) and last David bought “special VIP” tickets to see Josh Groban.

Josh Groband in the Round United Center

Let me tell you about the Josh Groban experience,  it was more than we imagined. David bought the tickets through his Citi Bank Thank You card (DISCLOSURE: So it was paid through our pocket. We were not sponsored or paid for this post. Thank you). We didn’t have to wait in any lines to get in. We got to the United Center almost 2 hours before show time to take advantage of a buffet and drinks

Yummy Buffet Food

We also took a backstage tour of Josh Groban’s set and a behind the scenes look at the dressing room area. It was a perfect date night for the couple who hasn’t had a date in almost a year.

Josh Groband in the Round United Center

Josh Groband in the Round United Center Backstage

Josh Groband in the Round United Center Backstage

Josh Groband in the Round United Center Backstage

Josh Groband in the Round United Center Backstage

This is how close we were to the stage. Spit close. It was awesome. The only gripe I had about the “in the round experience” was it didn’t feel as intimate as they were aiming for. Josh would spend half of every song on the other side of the stage so we didn’t get to see him other than on the projector. Josh Groband in the Round United Center Backstage

David and I aren’t “The Voice” fans so we didn’t know who Judith Hill was but my god is she talented! Good thing we took a potty break and found the line for a meet and greet.

Josh Groband in the Round United Center Backstage

Josh Groband puts on a great show. David got a kick out of his commentary between songs. Josh Groband in the Round United Center Backstage

Josh Groban Autographed CD

After we took the tour they gave us a goodie bag with a shirt and an autographed All that Echoes cd. That means we got a bag each. Which means we received two shirts and CD. We really have no use to have two cd’s in our household so I thought it would be a great idea to share the spare with one lucky reader. This is a perfect gift idea for any Josh Groban fan young or old!

To enter use the rafflecoptter below  : 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So it was Christmas…

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were very quiet events at home. Christmas Eve we usually alternate between David’s family and mine. This year we were scheduled to spend it with mine, not until the plague hit the hosting family’s home. My uncle came down with a fever two days before Christmas Eve so my Aunt kept me updated on his condition. We made the choice the day before not to go. There was no way I wanted to risk Rafael getting sick. It was a really good thing we did not go since at least 4 people who went are sick with the flu.

Looks like this is going to be a picture laden post. Bear with me.

 In person you can barely see Rafael in Santa’s coat. This Santa wasn’t as nice as another one we saw at a different mall. Gabriel started to recognize Santa but it sounds a little more like he’s saying Cheeta.030

We had a little bit of a pre Christmas Eve party over at David’s brother’s house on Saturday. Uncle Jo Jo was helping Gabriel show off his awesome glasses here.

001 (3)

On Sunday we headed over to Aunt Barbara’s house for Rafael’s first visit of which I didn’t get pictures of… but I did get some pictures of Gabriel and David playing with all the awesome presents Gabriel got from his great aunt and uncle.


Gabriel was scared of the the horse they got him. David had a little too much fun with the horse.


On Christmas Eve we took the boys on a car ride through a local neighborhood to see some Christmas lights.

Gabriel wanted to wear Mommy’s hat. I think it looks much better on him.

001 (2)

I think he had some fun in the backseat wearing his jammies.

007 (2)


You probably can’t see this clearly but it’s the Grinch stealing Christmas. A+ for creativity.


We thought it was cute that one of our neighbors crammed three inflatables onto their balcony. 013 (2)

It seems like no one decorates their homes for the holidays anymore. We probably saw about 12 houses total on the half hour car ride we took. Pretty disappointing. Next year we are going to have to hit up the fancy light show that’s close to us.

Rafael hasn’t really made an appearance so here he is with his Daddy. Don’t they look alike. Especially the hairline… 014

On Christmas day we waited until Gabriel woke up to open up gifts. He got the hang of opening gifts on his own. He was also good on moving onto the next gift before wanting to play with the toy. Excuse the blurry pictures. I only had my phone on me while nursing Rafael.






We got him a LeapFrog laptop so he can work on it just like daddy.

Before we left for my Grandparent’s house we had to find the pickle. It’s a cute tradition that David introduced to me. Gabriel found the pickle before daddy did. 016

My Grandparents brought back all the gifts from the night before. I didn’t take a picture of the pre Christmas Eve gathering (hands full with Rafael) but their pile was double this… I think they made out very well this year.20121225_123022

Side story: Gabriel was terrified of the horse at Aunt Barbara’s house. He just wanted nothing to do with it. I wanted to show my grandparents the horse (because it’s so cute and awesome). I took it for a spin around the kitchen once and Gabriel was all for playing with it. He even tormented their dogs with the horse head.20121225_133303

When we got back home all the boys went promptly into dreamland. Not sure why I didn’t drift off either.028

I loved receiving everyone’s holiday cards. Christmas time is the best time to look at the mail. It’s a guaranteed time that there is something other than bills in the mail.  029

I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s recap on their Christmas Festivities. Kind of makes me feel like I was apart of the party.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year. And if you go to a party, have a drink for me. Or three. :)