I should be working… Christmas Round Up 2013

but instead I spent the last two hours jumping between rocking a fussy baby back to bed and reading up on my Feedly blog feed. Christmas was so much fun this year. The boys got a ton of toys. They truly made it out like bandits this year! David and the boys got me a couple of books that I’m excited to finish soon. The boys got some Tim Hortons coffee for their daddy, the perfect gift for the coffee junkie in your life.

Christmas 2013

Gabriel loved Santa this year. He was a little apprehensive the first we saw a Santa this year. After that he was best buds with the fat man in the red suit. He asked for a firetruck every time.

Christmas 2013

Rafael, however, was singing a different tune. I’m hopeful he will like Santa better next year.

Christmas 2013

My dear husband. I’m a lucky girl.

Christmas 2013

We rotate Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve between my family and David’s family. Well, it should work that way, but with pregnancies and having babies around the holidays we missed Christmas Eve with my family for the last 3 years. It was really great catching up with family now that we are all scattered around the country (when I talk about my family I mean my mothers mom, dad, sisters, brother, nieces, nephews, etc).

Christmas 2013

This dog is so awesome. He’s so friendly and cuddly. Only downside to this breed (French Bulldog) is that most of these dogs can not clean their own butts.

Christmas 2013

First time having a Christmas cake. Happy birthday Jesus.

Christmas 2013

I’m really digging having Christmas day all to ourselves. We spent 80 percent of the day in our PJ’s, watched a Christmas Story, and ate Chinese food as planned.

Christmas 2013

The little ones sure are loved. This isn’t even 1/2 of what they both received. Rafael loved all of Gabriel’s gifts. Big brother’s stuff is already appealing to him.

Christmas 2013

Gabriel loooves himself some Toy Story. We gave him a Woody doll and my grandmother bought him a Buzz Lightyear. He’s in heaven.

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

This weekend we got together with David’s family to exchange gifts. The boys love their Papa (grandpa) so much!

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

Uncle Jo jo and Uncle Stevie did a great job modeling their gifts. David snags the coolest swag from work.

Christmas 2013

My favorite picture of my niece. Can you tell David’s family are Bears and Cubs fans? That’s the way to do it. :)

Christmas 2013

There is no mistaking these 4 are related.

I’m so grateful that we have such wonderful family and friends that have blessed us with their generosity.


Where did you go summer?

This last week we’ve had some fall like weather in Illinois. The temps have stayed pretty close to 70, now it’s really rainy/drizzly/gross outside.

I took Rafael to the park with a friend while Gabriel was in Day Camp. It was cold for 5 minutes, warmed up so that we had to take off our sweaters and then the wind was cold. Usually I’m excited for this weather. It’s entirely too early for this kind of crap. I wish there was at least a little bit more pool time until fall/winter starts.Hart Park in Round Lake Beach

I hope the weather decides to get its act together soon or we’re going to have to plan a move to somewhere warmer.

Wrigley Field

If you know our family really well you would know that we are pretty big Chicago Cubs fans. David got the wonderful opportunity to get comp tickets from work. We couldn’t have asked for a better seats or better weather.





I will admit the sun was a little too hot for the little ones the first 3 innings. At First Aid there is a family room with areas to feed or change the little ones plus it’s air conditioned. Rafael and I hung out there for a couple innings and after a while Gabriel came by with his dad.



“Look, it’s David DeJesus! It’s the only player I can remember by name!” -Me




Around the 6th inning we came back to our seats to enjoy the shade, just in time for the 7th inning stretch.

Here’s Rafael after flirting up a storm with our neighbors. He napped twice in my arms, which is the most any of my children have slept while we are out at a noisy event.


Sundays at Wrigley Field are Kids Sundays. The first 1,000 kids into the park can get wristbands to run the bases on the field. That was by far the coolest thing we did that day (Unless you think about all the spit that we probably stepped on!).IMG_5881

David ran the bases with Gabriel. In the picture below you can see David (wearing the backpack) is holding onto Gabriel’s hand. We honestly didn’t think he would actually do it but he ran the whole time. Rafael hung out with me in the Ergo.



The concourse after the game was pretty empty. There were still people waiting around to get autographs.


It was a very long and exciting day for everyone. We thought Gabriel would knock out in the car but he stayed up the entire time. That meant he didn’t nap AT ALL for the first time in his life. He was a trooper. The next morning all he wanted was to go see baseball so that’s a good sign that he enjoyed himself too.

Winter Wonderland

Usually around this time of year I start itching to plan a family vacation. Unfortunately, haven’t had the luxury to vacation since… ever. The farthest out David and I have been together has been Indianapolis or Wisconsin Dells. I’m ready for us to go somewhere warm and tropical. Fortunately, I think we can finally make it on a bona fide road trip! Seems like anywhere within a 100 mile radius to us was hit by a huge snow/rain storm. We got a nice amount of heavy snow… finally.

photo 1

Before take off the heavy wet snow.

photo 5

After pushing off all the heavy snow.

photo 2

I went out to dig our cars out of the snow so it wouldn’t take so much time in the morning. Gabriel’s got a play date with a girl friend early. I hate to be late to things. Anyway, isn’t the snow pretty?

photo 3

Usually I’m a lover of snow, but now I’m ready for spring. Come on out Easter bunny! I’m ready for you!

Da Bears!

Here on the border of Illinois/Wisconsin you can taste the hostility between Bears and Packer fans.

From what I’ve seen on television and blogs people are rooting for the Packers. Here in these parts of town we root for Da Bears!


P.S. Last week we were so proud when our little one got to witness his first Bears game at almost a week old.