The last few days has been a whirl wind of non-stop movement.

David was out of town from Saturday until Wednesday. I stayed with the kids at my grandparents because I thought I wouldn’t be able to handle both kids on my own. By Monday Gabriel was begging me to go back home. I’m glad we did because I found it was a lot easier to get the kids to sleep in their own beds (well, Rafael still sleeps in our bed but whatever).

We’ve also had appointments to attend, people to meet, people to play with, etc that I haven’t really had time to spend alone time with each of the kids.

Today we had nap time at grandma and grandpa’s house. Instead of bringing him straight downstairs I set Gabriel down on my grandpa’s bed and laid with him.

I never really have gotten a chance to just lay next to him without him moving or jumping around everywhere since he was a little baby.

Having his little body curled up near mine was exactly what my tired soul needed.

My first born isn’t a baby nor a toddler anymore. In less than a month he will be known as a preschooler. Time can’t stand still but I can try to hold on to my baby as long as I can.

time- 3 year old

Meal Planning with Pinterest

RosieBridges Pinterest Board

I looove Pinterest. Let me tell you why.

To be a stay at home mom we have to figure out ways to save money wherever we can. I couldn’t believe how much money we were spending on eating out when I was working. I’ll admit I have trouble trying to menu plan for the week to make sure we are on budget. Let’s face it, life happens. Sometimes I will come home after running errands with the kids and not want to make dinner. Because it’s just so easy to go through the drive thru.

Lately I’ve been pinning ideas on my Pinterest account to go back and use them later. I especially love the mobile app when I’m out an about at the grocery store already. Once a week I will sit down and ask David what he has any special requests for any meals, then I will open up Pinterest and go from there.

This week we are going for a theme week: Meatball Monday, Taco Tuesday, Waffle Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday (only for mom and dad since we are going out for our 4 year wedding anniversary), Fish Friday & Pizza Saturday. Sunday is usually our takeout day which will help out with David’s lunches for hopefully a day or two. Let’s see how this pans out for us (unintentional pun).

By the way if aren’t following me on Pinterest yet feel free to add me!

What’s happening?

There are over 20 drafts in my dashboard that haven’t been published. Every time I reread them all I can hear are complaints of everything that has happened the last 4 months. Yes, the last year has been super hard, everyone who has had a child knows it’s hard to even have just one. As I took a shower after both of the kids were finally asleep and my husband went back to work (yes, at 10pm), I had an epiphany of sorts. I need to STOP COMPLAINING and look at the bigger picture!

All I could remember from my day were all the tantrums my toddler threw because “I do it!”, instead of remembering all the kisses and hugs he gave me unprompted. Or how frustrated I was with my husband for not picking up after himself instead of focusing how hard he worked all day, yet still made time to take a family walk and give the baby a bath before bed.


I’m making the effort now to slow down. Think before I speak/yell. Most importantly, listen. If I don’t listen I might miss something sweet come out of my little guys lips.

“Weekly” Roundup

Things have been a little interesting here at Casa de Bridges.


Rafael has developed a little bit of “Mommy’s Boy Syndrome”. It’s a nerve frazzling condition in where baby boy needs to be near or around his mom’s body at all times. Doesn’t matter if it’s day or night, I have to be right there with him or else he starts to cry. It wouldn’t bother me, but I’m losing some sleep because I can’t get things done during the day and I have to try to play catch up at night. I have been doing some babywearing to help ease some of his crying but he gets so hot in the Moby after a while that I have to take him out after a while. I’m pretty bummed out that the sling I bought from a “free” website doesn’t fit. Being large in the chest area has a lot of drawbacks.


Gabriel seems to having a growth spurt every day now. I finally got around to hanging up a growth chart in his room. Last week we measured his height and this week he grew half an inch. Did I mention that he likes to stick his finger up his nose? Or that sometimes I’ll catch him trying to put something up his nose. I think he might have stuck a piece of granola up his nose because yesterday I asked him to blow his nose to get some boogers. Mid-blow he sneezed and  out comes flying a huge piece of granola. My husband has a theory that he had it in his mouth when he sneezed. I think he shoved it in there. Regardless, the eyes on the back of my head needs some fine tuning.


Zumba… The gym I go to started up a special on Zumba classes. A 10 pack runs 50 bucks on my membership… $5 a pop was too good to let it go by. The first class reminded me of how horribly out of shape I’ve let myself get. Three songs into the hour long class I thought I was going to die mid-cumbia. A slight exaggeration I know, but I couldn’t catch my breath trying to keep up with the petite ball of energy that was our instructor. However, from that class grew my love for it. I’m almost addicted. I can’t wait until the next class. My 68 year old Grandmother went to last nights class with me. She loved it despite not being able to move to the rhythm or being able to keep up with the steps. If she can Zumba, anyone can Zumba.


The kind ladies at Bigger Picture Blogs, Melissa and Brook, have taken me under their wings for a skirt challenge. If you know me well you would know that I would wear skirts, all the time. I would pair my skirts with t-shirts, blouses, and tanks. Or I would just wear a dress even when there was no occasion to. After having Rafael I haven’t been wearing skirts or dresses. I guess I haven’t really given myself a reason to since I’m not working an outside job lately. It does get tiring to wear yoga pants day in and day out so I’m forcing myself to wear a dress or skirt at least three times a week for the next month to help myself out of the yoga pants rut. I will be posting pictures on Instagram and Twitter so watch out for #MSFlies.

Congratulations to Melissa on the birth of her beautiful baby boy! :)


Monday was Casmir Pulaski Day. In my husband’s family it’s a pretty big deal. A family friend hosts a rocket launch at a golf course. Not sure why they do it but it was fun to watch. This was the first time Gabriel and I watched the launch. Rafael was miraculously sleeping through the whole thing.


Gabriel and his Papa.

Small clip of the first rocket launch. They also have the “Shamrocket”…


Setting up.IMG_4589

We got this onesie at Gabriel’s baby shower from a family friend. Best find ever.


Stress, what stress?

I don’t know what got into me yesterday. My stress and anxiety levels were off the charts.

It might have been a little bit of Rafael putting up a nursing strike, or his eczema getting worse, or Gabriel’s cranky mood.

In just the last month if have done so much better with being a patient person. Tomorrow {today} is another day!

Speaking of nursing strike {prepare for boob talk}: this is my first time exclusively breastfeeding. We have been doing well the last month up until a week ago when Rafael started to want to eat every hour or two after going for 4 hour stretches. Yesterday morning he wouldn’t get latched on. There was a ton of crying and arching his back so I gave up and gave him his pacifier. He slept for half an hour while I held him. He woke up as soon as I put him down, of course. This went on all day. I think we only had about three “good” feedings. I’m hurting pretty bad right now and pumping is no help at all. I don’t think he’s sick so it can only mean that either he’s teething, having a growth spurt or that darn eczema is really bothering him.


His cheek this morning.


His cheek before bedtime.

Thankfully it’s just on his cheek, eyebrow and a little on his earlobe area. I’ve been trying Cetaphil lotion and Aveeno’s Baby Eczema Therapy. I guess only time will tell if it will get better or worse. Darn weather isn’t helping either. Yesterday it was 50, today it was 12. Make up your mind!


David and I take turns getting Gabriel in the morning.


It’s on of my favorite things to do because I get to see who was evicted from his crib.

Today it was…


Elmo 2 of 3!

This kid has a zoo of stuffed animals he HAS to sleep with. It’s so darn cute.


Gabriel pulled off a hang nail from his finger. He kept telling me it hurt so I put a band aid on him. He liked it… for two minutes then he wanted it off.



Per my request we’ve been brewing the coffee stronger around here. It’s just the way of life sometimes.


I swear I only love Dunkin’ Doughnuts pastries during Febuarary. So cute and yet so yummy.