Two Years Ago


Two years ago today you and I both…

…vowed to honor and love each other.

… you showed off your humor.

…we had our crazy loving family and friends fill us with their love.

…we then snuck off into the night to start forever together.

Everyday we learn something new about each other but always remember that I love you.

Photos courtesy of Brianne Bradbury

After the Wedding

With the wedding over and done, I can’t help but feel an immense sense of relief.

All the tears, fears and pain that I felt the few days before melted as soon as I saw David at the end of the aisle.

A word of advice to any newlyweds: if you have the chance to go away on your honeymoon it immediately after the wedding!

We made the mistake of taking our honeymoon the weekend after the wedding. Big mistake. Working after the wedding stunk!

We were still in party mode and also still quite tired from all the festivities on Monday. It was extremely hard to get back into work mode no matter how hard we tried.

The honeymoon went wonderfully. We took a camping trip (in which we froze out butts off) that turned into a road trip, that turned into a Wisconsin Dells trip.


There’s is only 102 days left till the wedding!  I’m feeling the pressure!

Called the dress place to see if any of the dresses came in.  It took a couple of hours for the girl to get back to me since it seems they don’t keep the bridal party in the same file.  None of my bridesmaids have theirs in the store yet, but mine is!  I’m very dissapointed they never called me to let me know that it is since I need heavy alterations on my dress and want them to be done now!

I’m not to worried about the girls since they don’t have a lot of work to be done.

This Friday I’m going to get fitted for the first time (without the proper undergarments) and going with my maid of honor to get my hair cut and have my first hair trail. Woot!  It’s starting to feel more and more real now.