Sick. A Continuing Saga.

Like I complained on my Facebook page, if it isn’t David’s crazy work schedule then someone is sick.

I love my children, I love being a stay at home mom, I love that my husband loves his job but I can only handle so much on my own.

I like to get the kids out of the house so they can get rid of all their pent up energy but it’s been sooo damn cold outside. Yesterday the downstair neighbor got so pissed off at the the kids running back and forth that he started blasting his music. Really mature. I went down there to ask him what the matter was. He didn’t open the door, but he did yell through the door “Your fucking kid is running back and forth all damn day long.”

So I told him, “he’s three. You remember how that is for a three year old to be stuck inside all day long? (he has two older boys of his own)”.

Being the mature man that he is he tells me to “buy a fucking house”.

Oh man, if it were that damn easy we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I hate that my neighbor is such an asshole. But “love thy neighbor” right?


Rafael started our lovely round of stomach flu Thursday morning. He had a long bout of vomiting in the morning. I thought we were in the home stretch until Gabriel woke up this morning screaming because he threw up in his bed. David was up anyway because he was getting ready to go to the city for another work function. Then David started to throw up. Then I wanted to sit in the corner and cry because I’m scared Rafael is going to get sick again and I ran out of Lysol.

Dealing with the Flu- toddler and preschoolerIt’s amazing how little kids bounce back after being sick cause he burst out of his room screaming “GOOD MORNING”. I checked on David and it looked like he was on death’s doorstep. I hoped that Gabriel would have pulled a three hour flu like his brother but he threw up a little before bed.

Dealing with the Flu- toddler and preschooler

Glad I gave you the run down on their vomiting schedule? Seeing the kids sick really sucks. I hate seeing them so helpless and in pain. So much worse than myself being sick. The only thing I could do was offer as much water and pedialyte, maybe the occasional cracker, clean up their messes and make sure they are comfortable.



Holiday Cheer

Melissa from Peanut Butter in my Hair and Little Lake County hosted a party at Cacao Sweets and Treats for her contributors on LLC.

Cacao Sweets and Treats Private Party

This was the first time really meeting and getting to know my fellow writers. I learned a lot that night like: it’s ok to switch from red to white wine as long as I switch flavors of cupcakes, fat + happy= fappy (but it also means masturbation on the internetz), don’t forget to check your T&T (tits and teeth) before taking a picture, and that these girls make for some very good company.

Cacao Sweets and Treats Private Party

After a week like this a little get together like this was a breath of fresh air. Cacao Sweets and Treats Private Party

Spank! A 50 Shades of Grey Parody.


Last night, I met up with my sister in law, her best friend and some of my husband’s family to see “Spank!”. It haven’t seen many plays or musicals but this was by far the most entertaining thing I’ve seen in a while.

I think once you get to know me, the “sweet and innocent” vibe you get from me is all just for show. When I’m not in full mommy mode I enjoy a good dick and fart joke. Also, did you know my two favorite podcasts are The Dave Ramsey Show and Hollywood Babble On? Two very different shows, on two very different spectrum. Give them both a try. I guarantee you love them both.

But back to what I originally came on here to talk about: Spank! If you’ve read 50 Shades of Grey or not, this show absolutely hilarious. It does help that you know pop culture and certain details about the book since it makes it that more funny.

There was only three people in the cast, which made it very interesting to see how they would play more than three characters at once. I could feel the actors passion and love for what they were doing throughout the performance. I thought the male lead looked very familiar. Graydon Long was in the Carrie Dairies (which I only watched for three episodes. Oops!).


I would highly recommend this show when and if it comes into your town.

*I was not paid nor compensated to review Spank! It was just that good that it deserved a rave review from me.


A little story…

Once upon a time, a boy bought a beautiful charm bracelet for an underserving girl. That girl loved that bracelet. She took care of that bracelet the best she could.

Then one day the girl lost her bracelet. She looked everywhere for that bracelet a million times. She cried and cried and cried some more.

Some two years passed by and the girl still pined for her bracelet. One day, as she was cleaning out a purse she felt something lumpy on the other side of the lining. Could it be?

Yes! It was the damn bracelet! How the hell did it get there? She had to rip open the seam to get to it… The world may never know.

charm bracelet bag

Charm Bracelet boys jan

{The End}

47th birthday

Dear mom,

Another year has gone by. It has gotten a little easier when June comes around. I completely forgot about the 12th, which is good, but I was a mess on your birthday this month. I’m waiting for the day that Gabriel can ask me questions about you. I can’t wait to answer them. I am dreading him to ask why it happened that you’re gone. Hope I’m strong enough for that day.

I hope you like the picnic we had for you this year. It was Rafael’s first time coming out for a visit. He ate some grass and almost stood up while we were there. Gabriel had a blast running around with my cousins and eating Cheetos, his favorite. Wish you could see how fast they’re growing!


Love you with all my heart mom!