Good Eats- Ad-Lib Geo Cafe review

The last couple of months David and I have tried to make it a point to go on a date night at least once a month. We only try to go out somewhere nice once a month due to work schedules and budget restrictions.

See, I even got “dolled” up for the occasion(i.e. straightened my hair, put on make up, wore something non-yoga pants…).
Date Night Make up

This month we tried Ad-Lib Geocafe. My friends who have been there raved about the food. I would have missed it completely if we drove by it because there’s no sign on the restaurant but there is a smallish sign by the road.

Ad-Lib Geo Cafe Review

Ad-Lib Geo Cafe Review

At Ad-Lib Geocafe there is an option to have a 4 course tasting menu for $40. That means the chef will choose what you will eat for an appetizer, soup/salad course, main course and dessert. You can also chose to have the wine paired for you for $20.  When you walk in the the restaurant you get the feel of a small mom and pop restaurant. The table we were seated at looked like it had seen better days. The waitress we had was very quiet (even to my standards) that it was hard to hear over the music coming from the open kitchen. We were seated right across from our food being cooked so it was fun to see what was coming next as they prepared it.

Ad-Lib Geo Cafe Review

For the appetizer we got Snails and Octopus. I was a little apprehensive to try the octopus but was surprised that it wasn’t at tough as I’m normally used to. The snails were cooked in lime and mushrooms among other things that made my mouth very happy!
Ad-Lib Geo Cafe Review

For the Salad and Soup course we had a Kale with a blueberry dressing, poulot and some sort of cheese and meat that I can’t remember thanks to the $20 wine tasting. I’m a light weight. The soup was the most delicious lobster bisque I’ve ever had.

I forgot to take a picture of the main dish but we had lamb and prawns. It was my first time having lamb. I wasn’t a big fan of it. It wasn’t the way it was prepared, I probably won’t like it if I tried it again somewhere else. Lamb has a very different taste than cows meat. It kind of tastes like the blood wasn’t drained from the meat properly. Anyway… the prawns were delicious. If David and I weren’t splitting the meal I would have liked it all for myself.

Ad-Lib Geo Cafe Review

The desert was a chocolate cake with espresso pop rocks and mango panna cotta. I couldn’t believe that there were espresso pop rocks on top of the cake. I never liked pop rocks growing up but this was divine. Both deserts were so good it was hard to share!

All in all I give Ad-Lib Geocafe 3 out of 3 stars for food, 2 out of 3 stars for service and 2 out of 3 stars for ambience and an overall 3 out of 3 stars. There is no doubt that we will be saving up to come back for more soon!

Life Happens

My goal for this blog was to have a post ready at least three times a week for 2014… and then life happened.

My boys will always take priority to my blog, writing commitments and photography. I’ve had to put a lot of things on hold the last couple of weeks.

After my last post everyone got sick. It started with Rafael, then Gabriel, Daddy and finally me. Gabriel and Daddy had an all day stomach bug. Thankfully I only had a couple episodes before bed but man was I ready for the day to be over. This all happened on a Saturday and by Sunday we were starting to feel better.

We woke up on a Tuesday to no school due to freezing temperatures and Rafael had a high fever. He pretty much slept all day, didn’t eat and refused to drink anything which isn’t like him at all. Rafael is my good eater so him not eating had me very worried. Wednesday January 29th was my 27th birthday. I spent pretty much spent my birthday laying in bed while Rafael tried to sleep restlessly and nurse on demand. David and the boys really tried to make it a special day for my by surprising me with a birthday banner and a Boston Creme birthday cake for breakfast. There was also a surprise delivery from the boys in the form of flowers. I felt guilty for not spending a lot of time with Gabriel because Rafael was so needy but he had a good time keeping Daddy company while he worked.





It’s taken this long to finally get back into our routine. I think it’s a routine that we need to fine-tune a little better now that I have a business that I’m working on. I’m having a hard time scheduling time to get things done. Rafael gets upset if I’m not right next to him in the morning, so working early mornings having been working out for me. By the time I get to sit down on the computer at night it’s already 9pm and I’m getting to bed around 1 or 2 in the morning. It’s all about fine-tuning at this stage so let’s see where I’m at with time management in a month from now.


A Visit from Grace

High school was a very hard and interesting part of my life. There were a lot of trails and tribulations. I made a lot of friends but I only kept a few. Grace is one of the few that I’ve kept in touch with after high school.

She has been so busy with school and her personal life, but she’s always made time to spend time to visit. I’m so glad that she’s pretty much witnessed the growth of my family from our wedding to visiting the babies when they were still itty babies.

Grace's Visit

I’m so proud that she’s pursuing her Masters even though it means that she’s moved to a different side of the country to do so.

Grace's Visit

Grace's Visit

I’m sure the boys enjoyed her visit.

Grace's Visit

Even though Gabriel and his goofy face says otherwise.

She goes back this week to school and I’m already going to miss her.

47th birthday

Dear mom,

Another year has gone by. It has gotten a little easier when June comes around. I completely forgot about the 12th, which is good, but I was a mess on your birthday this month. I’m waiting for the day that Gabriel can ask me questions about you. I can’t wait to answer them. I am dreading him to ask why it happened that you’re gone. Hope I’m strong enough for that day.

I hope you like the picnic we had for you this year. It was Rafael’s first time coming out for a visit. He ate some grass and almost stood up while we were there. Gabriel had a blast running around with my cousins and eating Cheetos, his favorite. Wish you could see how fast they’re growing!


Love you with all my heart mom!