The post that never was…

I had such a great post ready for last week and then someone had to come along to take a giant blog. There was a lot of not nice things said that quite frankly has made me quite mum. It was bad enough that I seriously just thought about taking down the site and not blogging at all.

Today as I washed the dishes I remembered that this blog isn’t about you. Sorry. This is a place that has held a special place in my heart for the last 9 years. Yesterday I went through almost all my posts. It was like I was going through a photo album. Let’s be honest, anyone else looking back on these posts won’t really get a sense of who I am and what I’m here for but that’s okay. I’m trying very hard to be a story-teller. I have fallen hard into the habit of showing you but not bringing in connections. Can you feel a connection here now?

The best piece of advice I received in my writing was from a friend, “Show me. Don’t tell me.”


What have been some hurdles you had to deal with this week?

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On getting in shape.

For some reason getting back in shape has proved to be a lot harder this kid around. I’ve been overweight for a while now. There are no excuses as to why expect over eating and not exercising on my part. I’ve given into instant gratification lifestyle: if it doesn’t melt off the fat right away then it doesn’t deserve my time. Oh and indulging in too many creamy/rich foods.

That stops right now.

The gym membership I have had since the beginning of the year will finally have more than one use per month. Instead of just talking about introducing healthier foods into our diets, we will actually do it. I have also replaced the Fitbit One David gave me for Christmas (I lost the first one) with a Fitbit Flex, so I can track my steps each day and hopefully not lose it again. And that emotional eating issue I have… Well, I’m working on it.

If I keep track every once in a while here I know I can keep myself accountable. I’m still breastfeeding (almost 9 months and going strong) so I can’t lose too much in a week. I’m aiming for no more than 1.5 lbs a week which, according to, is the safest for lactating mothers.

Fitbit replacement

Ps. If you’re on, please follow me!

*The Fitbit was purchased with my own money. 

What’s happening?

There are over 20 drafts in my dashboard that haven’t been published. Every time I reread them all I can hear are complaints of everything that has happened the last 4 months. Yes, the last year has been super hard, everyone who has had a child knows it’s hard to even have just one. As I took a shower after both of the kids were finally asleep and my husband went back to work (yes, at 10pm), I had an epiphany of sorts. I need to STOP COMPLAINING and look at the bigger picture!

All I could remember from my day were all the tantrums my toddler threw because “I do it!”, instead of remembering all the kisses and hugs he gave me unprompted. Or how frustrated I was with my husband for not picking up after himself instead of focusing how hard he worked all day, yet still made time to take a family walk and give the baby a bath before bed.


I’m making the effort now to slow down. Think before I speak/yell. Most importantly, listen. If I don’t listen I might miss something sweet come out of my little guys lips.


Everyone has goals. Whether big or small I have to set some goals for myself this week. I like the challenge since it really motivates me to do it.

This week I will:

Personal Goals

  • Work out 4x’s this week (zumba, dancing, but not including situps or pushups)
  • Log everything I eat (I’m following a new Gluten & Dairy free diet and it’s driving me bonkers)
  • Write 3 blog posts

Around the house goals

  • Clean one room a day
  • Finish a load of laundry from start to finish
  • Pre make all next weeks meals

Family goals

  • Spend one hour uninterrupted with both my boys when I’m home from work
  • Set half an hour to talk to my husband everyday (I’m amazed we don’t really do this anymore with both of our workloads)
  • Have a family dinners with both our parents

Other Goals

  • Meet set deadlines for projects!!!! (November going into December is turning out to be super busy)

Let us see how this goes.