On getting in shape.

For some reason getting back in shape has proved to be a lot harder this kid around. I’ve been overweight for a while now. There are no excuses as to why expect over eating and not exercising on my part. I’ve given into instant gratification lifestyle: if it doesn’t melt off the fat right away then it doesn’t deserve my time. Oh and indulging in too many creamy/rich foods.

That stops right now.

The gym membership I have had since the beginning of the year will finally have more than one use per month. Instead of just talking about introducing healthier foods into our diets, we will actually do it. I have also replaced the Fitbit One David gave me for Christmas (I lost the first one) with a Fitbit Flex, so I can track my steps each day and hopefully not lose it again. And that emotional eating issue I have… Well, I’m working on it.

If I keep track every once in a while here I know I can keep myself accountable. I’m still breastfeeding (almost 9 months and going strong) so I can’t lose too much in a week. I’m aiming for no more than 1.5 lbs a week which, according to KellyMom.com, is the safest for lactating mothers.

Fitbit replacement

Ps. If you’re on Fitbit.com, please follow me!

*The Fitbit was purchased with my own money. 

Bike ride


This weekend I dusted off my pedals to go for my first bike ride in two years.

On my trip I saw:

A dead possum. 
A house that burnt down during the night (those poor people)!
A deer.

Also, my tire was flat and chain wouldn’t catch.

In other news I dropped a propane tank on my foot. My parents gave me some Arnica to rub on the bruise. It make it feel a million times better.

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