Life Happens

My goal for this blog was to have a post ready at least three times a week for 2014… and then life happened.

My boys will always take priority to my blog, writing commitments and photography. I’ve had to put a lot of things on hold the last couple of weeks.

After my last post everyone got sick. It started with Rafael, then Gabriel, Daddy and finally me. Gabriel and Daddy had an all day stomach bug. Thankfully I only had a couple episodes before bed but man was I ready for the day to be over. This all happened on a Saturday and by Sunday we were starting to feel better.

We woke up on a Tuesday to no school due to freezing temperatures and Rafael had a high fever. He pretty much slept all day, didn’t eat and refused to drink anything which isn’t like him at all. Rafael is my good eater so him not eating had me very worried. Wednesday January 29th was my 27th birthday. I spent pretty much spent my birthday laying in bed while Rafael tried to sleep restlessly and nurse on demand. David and the boys really tried to make it a special day for my by surprising me with a birthday banner and a Boston Creme birthday cake for breakfast. There was also a surprise delivery from the boys in the form of flowers. I felt guilty for not spending a lot of time with Gabriel because Rafael was so needy but he had a good time keeping Daddy company while he worked.





It’s taken this long to finally get back into our routine. I think it’s a routine that we need to fine-tune a little better now that I have a business that I’m working on. I’m having a hard time scheduling time to get things done. Rafael gets upset if I’m not right next to him in the morning, so working early mornings having been working out for me. By the time I get to sit down on the computer at night it’s already 9pm and I’m getting to bed around 1 or 2 in the morning. It’s all about fine-tuning at this stage so let’s see where I’m at with time management in a month from now.


Happy New Year and other things

Chalkboard Happy New Year Design

Happy New Year everyone! ( Well, belated New Year…)

While others are posting their New Year resolutions I’m going to be focusing on a theme this year. My theme will be Trust.

You see I have a horribly tough time trusting others and in myself. There are has been too many times in the past where i’ve been wronged by friends, coworkers, bosses, family, etc that I have a tough time believing others if they are sincere to me or just plain trying to blow air up my ass.

Trusting in myself has been… well hard. Growing up I was told I could be anything I wanted to be. When it came down to the people that mattered the most, well, they had doubts I would do anything with my life other than have babies and work part time the rest of my life.

This year I’m trusting in myself to do what I want, when I want it.

Before Christmas I decided to do something crazy and put up an offer on Facebook to take Christmas Card pictures for some friends for free. Why? Because photography has been a passion of mine that was put on the wayside when my husband lost his job and we focused all of our time and effort into trying to stay afloat.

Every once in a while a family member would ask if I could take pictures of their baptism, birthday parties, baby shower, etc. At first I thought it might be because we had a “fancy camera” (a Canon Rebel xt is fancier than a point and shoot but it gets the job done), then I realized that they liked the way I took the pictures.

I had an Ah Ha moment one day while I was talking to David about trying to find a part time job to help out with our finances. I brought up the idea of starting a photography business this year not only to help out but to help fuel my passion of photography.

This is where trust in myself and others come in.

I need to trust myself to not let fear stop me. Let’s face it, I haven’t written a lot on here because I fear what others might think of me. So silly Rosemary. I need to trust that I will not let others intimidate me.

I need to trust that other ARE willing to help me and not pull the rug from under me but it doesn’t mean that I’m going to let other’s walk all over me. Makes sense, right?


Now that I have all the New Year’s resolutions/ themes out of the way…

Everyone except for me is sick in this house. David has an epic cold. It’s the sleeping upright on the couch, wish we had a recliner, kind of cold. Gabriel has the same runny nose he’s had since before New Year’s Eve. Rafael couldn’t sleep through the night the last three nights because he would wake up coughing. Oddly enough he didn’t start having a runny nose until today. Hopefully it’s starting to work its way out of system and stays away from me. We have big plans next weekend that I very much don’t want ruined.

New Years Eve at Uno's

New Year’s Eve (before the sickness hit everyone) we went out to Uno’s since we had to scrap our plans with family that evening. My friend mentioned that she and her family were going to Uno’s for a kid friendly balloon drop at 5pm. Well, it started to snow at 3pm. We made reservations for 4:40pm, didn’t leave the house until 4:20pm and didn’t get there until 5pm. Did I mention Uno’s is 15 minutes away with traffic? I think that was worth mentioning. The ballon drop didn’t start until 15 minutes after we got there. It was really cute. They gave all the little kids ginger ale in plastic champagne glasses, hats for the boys/tiaras for the girls, and counted down to the ballon release.

New Years Eve at Uno's

New Years Eve at Uno's

New Years at Uno's

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS ONLY GINGER ALE!!! Gabriel was super fascinated with the “weird cup”.

My friend and her daughter paid a little visit to our table shortly after dinner. These two were so cute. I don’t think she could make up her mind which boy she wanted as her date for the night. Somehow Gabriel and his friend turned the family restaurant into a dinner dance club.

New Years Eve at Uno's

While David took Gabriel to the bathroom I started to get Rafael ready to run out into the frozen tundra. I set Rafael to stand on the booth seat so I could grab his coat really quick while he stretched his legs a little bit. Well, he had enough of stretching and turned really fast to grab onto something on the table but fell instead. Well, his face grabbed the table instead of his little hands. He had a shiny new black eye just in time for the new year. It breaks my heart every time I look at it.

Hopefully the new year will have less injuries for the boys!




One on the horizon

Infant one years old

Guess who turns one this week?

This year seriously went by too fast. Rafael is turning one way too fast.

This little boy rolled over sooner than I was ready for.

He crawled a lot sooner than I wanted.

He started walking at 10 months and now he won’t. stop. moving.

It doesn’t matter what I want, he’s going to grow at his own pace.

I’m just going to relish on the last of his baby-ness as long as I possibly can.

Why, oh why.

We’ve been sick on and off for the last three weeks now. It all started with small cough and a little runny nose from the boys. It went away for them in a couple days, it became a full blown sinus infection for mommy.

Then there were a couple quiet days last week were there were no cough, sniffles, or snot.

The boys woke up grumpy Monday morning. They were grumpy when we left the house for a Halloween party. They were super pissed when we came back home from the party AND they were sporting niagra falls runny noses. Then my throat started to burn, not ache.

It’s day three now of sickness part deux. They don’t have any fevers, but the sneezing, coughing, runny noses are still there. It sounds like the congestion is starting to finally break up with Rafael. Colds always sounds so much worse for babies.

So, I took some medicine that the Dr gave me to help with cough and sleep before I wrote this post 10 minutes ago. I think it’s working. It still amazes me that Tylenol with Codeine is considered safe for nursing moms. Here is to hoping for good sleep tonight.

11 month old Cold

I’d love to be as comfy as these two right about now.

2 year old cold

On getting in shape.

For some reason getting back in shape has proved to be a lot harder this kid around. I’ve been overweight for a while now. There are no excuses as to why expect over eating and not exercising on my part. I’ve given into instant gratification lifestyle: if it doesn’t melt off the fat right away then it doesn’t deserve my time. Oh and indulging in too many creamy/rich foods.

That stops right now.

The gym membership I have had since the beginning of the year will finally have more than one use per month. Instead of just talking about introducing healthier foods into our diets, we will actually do it. I have also replaced the Fitbit One David gave me for Christmas (I lost the first one) with a Fitbit Flex, so I can track my steps each day and hopefully not lose it again. And that emotional eating issue I have… Well, I’m working on it.

If I keep track every once in a while here I know I can keep myself accountable. I’m still breastfeeding (almost 9 months and going strong) so I can’t lose too much in a week. I’m aiming for no more than 1.5 lbs a week which, according to, is the safest for lactating mothers.

Fitbit replacement

Ps. If you’re on, please follow me!

*The Fitbit was purchased with my own money.