Blogging with a burnt out brain.

My brain is about to melt with everything that has gone on. I already had a mini meltdown last week it was so overwhelming. It’s starting to get a little better now, but it’s still not over.

Since my brain is so fried I can’t sit down and concentrate on a good post. So this is what I’m going to do: another update post. The present is easier to write about for me anyway.

1. Both boys are going through crazy growth spurts. Rafael is almost the same height as his big brother… Poor Gabriel got the short end of the stick height wise. David’s siblings and parents are all on the shorter end. My mom was taller than her parents but both my grandparent are shorter than 5’5″.

2. Teeth. Oh those teeth. Still. Enough said.

3. I know I posted about how the boys didn’t want to watch Frozen with me. Well I was wrong. Very wrong. They both love it. Gabriel asks to watch it at least once a day. Rafael will sit/stand there with him to watch the characters sing. Every once in a while Rafael will sing his version of “Let it Go”. “Et e goooo”. It’s even cuter when he signs it at 2 in the morning when he wakes up for an hour for not reason at all. Gabriel and I have a mean duet of “Love is an Open Door”.

4. Yesterday David and I took the kids out for ice cream and to Toys R Us. We had a hard time trying to get the kids to listen to us. Our new thing to tell them is to turn on their listening ears. Gabriel looks at me and pretends to turn down his listening ears. “So I can’t hear you mommy”.  David is  a huge fan of wrestling. The WWE is having some Instagram contest so we “had” to take a picture to enter… He puts up with my interests, I can only do the same for his.



5. I threw out my back. Again. It could be an emotional/stress trigger but I’m going to make an appointment with a doctor to finally get an answer.

6. Gabriel sat on his own for the first time to get a haircut. Usually he will only let the hairdresser cut his hair if he’s sitting on one of our laps. This time the stylist cut his hair really well. And I forgot to take an after picture of his hair.



7. Here’s a picture of Rafael “driving” a blue car with his rear end…


8. How did we go from enjoying 70 degree weather one day…


…to 30 degrees and snowing the next.


9. Gabriel wants an Elsa figure. He’s asked me a couple of times if he could get one but I didn’t realize how hard it would be to get my hands on one. I thought I was lucky to find the flipping castle that only comes with Anna. This merchandise has become the present time Tickle Me Elmo!


Yup. Nothing much going on here. How are things going on with you?

Sun kissed.

We had such a long winter that I think my face forgot how to tolerate being in the sun. This last week the weather has been so kind to us. The kids and I have spent a lot of time going out to the park. Today I took Gabriel for a play date at the park while Grandma and grandpa got some time with Rafael.

Sunkissed: Park day, spring, fun

Sunkissed: Park day, spring, funWe met with a couple of members from the mom’s group we’re in. I’m super excited that Krystal from That Red Headed Life will hopefully be joining soon.

Anytime we give Gabriel a hat he will wear it with the bill backwards. He makes me laugh. I’m so grateful that we got in as much time in the sun that we got this week. Next week it looks like we won’t have that much luck.

Sunkissed: Park day, spring, fun

What’s your favorite thing to do outside when the weather is nice?

The Busy, Yet Not So Busy Weekend

I’m going to try to power through this since I developed a horrible migraine tonight…

Saturday morning Gabriel and I headed over to a friend’s house for an Avon Walk for the Cure fund-raiser brunch. The hostess’ friend is a Thiry-One Bag consultant. For each purchase everyone made 50% of the sale went to her walk. Take a minute to check out Amanda’s page for more information on donating.

Avon walk for the cure and Thirty- One

Avon walk for the cure and Thirty- One

Just if you were wondering, I took the two pictures above with my awesome Canon 6d and 50mm f/1.4 lens. The rest of pictures are from my iPhone.

 Preschoolers on Hogs

After the brunch Gabriel and I headed out to get some lunch before coming home per daddy’s request.

Funny Faces

His new favorite thing to do is to stretch his mouth out… I think he saw it on Frozen way too may times… Yes! I said he’s watched Frozen too many times. Turns out that he and little brother love Frozen that we have to watch it once a day. Some songs get played twice. I’m not complaining. :)

Three year old and Funny Faces

When we got home we saw this gem:

Dibs don't work in the suburbs.

Our new neighbor tried calling dibs (click here if you don’t know what calling dibs means)on a front row parking spot for a car that she wasn’t even going to drive. She gave up the space to park her car in the garage. We have some strange neighbors.

This little guy is such a mommy’s cuddle monster. He loves his mommy so much that he won’t her do much of anything at all. Cuddling on the couch after a long day is acceptable. Trying to trip mommy while preparing dinner not so much.


I hope this migraine goes away by tomorrow morning.

Preschool: First picture day

This week Gabriel had picture day. It was surprising to hear from his preschool that they were going to have one.  Usually schools in the area have them at the beginning of the year.

To me picture day seems like a rite of passage for his school years. It was so bittersweet to see my “baby” grow up.

First picture day
I really wanted to dress Gabriel in a solid colored shirt and a bow tie but since we’ve moved things around the house I misplaced it. Bummer.  He still looked cute in his dress shirt. No matter how many times I tried tucking in his shirt into his pants they just kept coming right out. Any mommy’s have tips on preventing this? Well, other than pining his shirt to his underwear… HA! I can’t wait to see how they turned out!