Open Letter to Midwest Drivers

Dear fellow drivers,

If you were driving in the recent snow storm and you were driving behind me, I sincerely apologize. I was that person driving 20 mph in a 45mph zone with my hazards on. That was only to prevent my car fishtailing into a ditch 0ut in the middle of nowhere.

Yours always,



Here in northern Illinois we haven’t had much snow. We’ve had some really warm weather actually. Just yesterday it was 56 degrees! Today we had our much anticipated winter storm. You know the one that closes down schools, airports, whole cities, etc. Everyone talked about it for weeks in casual conversations. “We’ve had such nice weather, but wait until we get that snow we are waiting for!”

My normally 15-20 minute drive to work took almost 40 minutes tonight. I slipped, fishtailed, and cursed all over the road. My neck muscles are feeling very tight right now (another excuse for a massage *wink*) from clenching them the whole way home. Why must I drive with my neck muscles ?

Funny story: My car door wouldn’t open when I arrived home. I thought for sure it was frozen so I tried using my shoulder strength to open it (my poor neck muscles!) but it still didn’t open. I tried using my foot to kick out the door but that didn’t work either. I climbed out the passenger side door after having just the slightest bit of a panic attack. It turns out there was a piece of ice wedged between the door and the handle preventing me from using the inside lever… Of course! I knew that all along. Silly door. I really hope the roads will be clear and safe enough to run all the errands I need for Mr. G’s 1st birthday this weekend. It shall be fun!

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