I’m not good at titles.

I always get stumped trying to think of post titles. I’m not clever enough to think of one right away. Usually they come to me after a post is done. Does that happen to you too?

I can’t think of any specific topic I want to talk about so I’m just going to share things that have happened or have been thought of…

1/ the last two weeks have been oh-so-crazy. It’s been a good crazy. My grandparents went on their long (very deserved) vacation. We’ve been house sitting (of sorts) and watching three of my younger cousins while their on summer vacation. Watching 5 kids had been interesting. I’ve learned how to cook for 7 people for breakfast and lunch AND at least two snacks between meals.
I love it. I love the hustle and bustle of multiple kids. It keeps me busy, it keeps them busy. My cousins are older then my kids but they can still have their moments where we all get frustrated. I tell David it’s training for the other six kids we are going to have. 20140729-064815-24495087.jpg

2/ along the lines of busy, it will be nice to get back into our regular routine before school starts again. Bed time has been all over the place with Rafael not keeping the same nap time everyday. Somedays he tells me he wants to go nap early. Somedays I have to ask him if he wants to nap.


3/ Rafael will let us know he has to go to sleep. He will walk around saying “night, niiiigggghht”. Cutest darn thing ever!

4/ potty training is hard. We finally are getting back on track with Gabriel. One week it clicks that we have to make it to the bathroom then the next week he’s having accidents all day. While talking to another mom who had two girls before having a boy said she’s never had a problem potty training until she had her boy.
The boys are close in age so this kind of gives me a little comfort knowing we aren’t the only ones struggling.

5/ I’m not a huge drinker. This weekend I tried my first PBR. This might sound silly but I really liked it. It’s like watered beer but with a high alcohol content.


6/ don’t forget to check out my guest
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